Could you or your youth group put on an event for this year's Festival Fortnight
Festival Fortnight brings together a mixture of sport, cultural, academic, social and recreational events and activities. Co-ordinated by LEAP Sports Scotland, the festival aims to increase the visibility and participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Scottish sport. The festival also provides opportunities to raise awareness of LGBTI issues within sport and creates spaces to examine wider equality, inclusion and human rights issues within the world of sport and physical activity. 

This year's Festival Fortnight will take place from 1st - 14th June and the programme is already beginning to fill. We want to see lots of activities across the country for LGBTI young people to get involved in. To help make this happen, this small grants scheme allows youth groups and groups of young people, a small resource to:
  • Put on a sports event
  • Hire a sports coach 
  • Attend a sports event 

The grants are modest (£50-90), but enough to run a session. Some of past grant use include: 
  • Hiring a yoga tutor
  • A boat trip on Loch Ness 
  • A night playing pool
  • A pool party 
  • A floorball taster session 
  • An intergenerational wii-fit tournament 
What will you do? Continue with this questionnaire to tell us what you'd like to do with your group and apply for our grant.

If you do not need a grant, please list your event here.
Please note the deadline is 26th March, 5PM.