An important part of the school's ability to grow and improve is to know what we are doing well and what we need to develop in the future.  To do this we need to know the views of both our students and their parents and we would welcome your views. Your answers are confidential, but a summary of parents'/carers' views as a whole will be shared with the school through The King's News and will be included in our self evaluation.

Please read each statement and mark the answer that best fits your view. If you have more than one child in school and your views differ for each one please fill in a separate questionnaire for each child. Please indicate the school year of the child to whom these views refer.

* 1. Name (Optional)

* 2. Year group(s) of child(ren)

* 3. My child enjoys school.

* 4. My child is taught well.

* 5. The school is helping my child to make good progress.

* 6. I am kept informed about my child's progress.

* 7. The reports show what my child needs to do next to improve in each subject.

* 8. The school meets my child's particular needs.

* 9. There is a good choice of subjects for my child to study.

* 10. Staff expect my child to work hard and do their best.

* 11. The school provides appropriate homework and feedback for my child.

* 12. The school helps my child to develop skills in literacy and numeracy.

* 13. The school helps me to support my child's learning.

* 14. There is a good standard of behaviour at this school.

* 15. Behaviour is usually good in my child's lessons.

* 16. My child has often witnessed racism in school this year.

* 17. My child has often witnessed homophobia in school this year.

* 18. I feel that my child is safe and well cared for at school.

* 19. The school deals with cases of bullying effectively.

* 20. I feel comfortable about approaching the school with issues about my child.

* 21. The school responds well to my concerns.

* 22. The school gives my child many opportunities to take part in activities outside of lessons.

* 23. Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent.

* 24. The school keeps parents/carers well informed about what is happening at school through "The King's" and other communication.

* 25. The school prepares children well for the future: Options, careers, changing years, moving on at 16.

* 26. The school is led and managed effectively.

* 27. I believe the school will enable my child to succeed.

* 28. The arrangements for my son/daughter to settle in when he/she started at the school were good. (Parents of Y7 students only)

* 29. Comments (Optional)

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