Mind in Haringey are marking Suicide Prevention Day with an event that aims to help end the stigma surrounding the issue of talking about suicide and create a space for open and frank discussions about the experiences of those affected by it, while also encouraging those who might be experiencing suicidal feelings with messages of support.

Suicide Awareness day is Friday the 10th of September, and we would like to invite those with lived experience of suicide as well as anyone who wishes to anonymously share messages of support for those who may be experiencing suicidal feelings.

These messages will be shared with the Haringey Community as they are displayed outside our offices on the Suicide Prevention day alongside support resources and information

On Thursday 9th of September at 6pm, we will be hosting an event  at the Mind in Haringey Building with guest speakers who will discuss mental health, their own lived experiences as well as providing information on services, resources and support to those who may be affected by suicide or suicidal feelings.

If you would like to anonymously share a message of support or one representing your lived experience with suicide, you can visit the Mind in Haringey offices and attend the event. 

If you or someone that you know is feeling suicidal, help is available. Please visit: https://www.mindinharingey.org.uk/suicide-prevention-need-help/ 

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* 1. Would you like to attend the Mind in Haringey World Suicide Prevention Day at Mind in Haringey (Station House, 73c Stapleton Hall Road, N4 3QF) on Thursday 9th September from 6pm?

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* 2. If you would like to contribute, but are not able to attend, please use the box below to contribute a message on the theme of suicide that you would like to be added to the mural at Mind in Haringey:

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* 3. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news and events at Mind in Haringey, please leave your email address below:

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