Friends for Life celebrates the many positive things dogs do for us and how they change and enhance peoples’ lives. 

If you own, are partnered with, or know of a dog that has changed a life, brought happiness to someone or allows someone to live their day to day life more easily, we want to hear your nominations for our five 2020 Kennel Club Friends for Life categories. (UK entries only).

Hero support dog (active or retired)
Celebrating all support and assistance dogs, from guide dogs, hearing dogs, medical detection dogs, autism assistance dogs to support dogs - including therapy dogs or pets who provide emotional support. 

Extraordinary life of a working dog (active or retired)
Celebrating working dogs who have shown extraordinary qualities whilst working in the Army, Police, RAF, Airport, Search and Rescue etc.

Best friends
Celebrating a pet dog who has seen its owner through the hardest times as well as the happiest.

Child’s champion (owner must be 16 years and under).
Recognising a dog that has supported and had a positive impact on a child's life.

Rescue dog hero
For a rescue dog who has overcome adversity and gone on to improve the life of its owner/s.