We are looking for fundraisers who go above and beyond to raise money to support amazing causes for social good.
Applicants must be working / volunteering for a social good organisation in the Asia Pacific region. Applicants must have made a significant contribution to fundraising in the organisation within the last 24 months.

* 1. Please enter your details below:

* 4. About how many years have you been in your current position?

* 5. What is your motivation to be a fundraiser? (100 words)

* 6. Describe any positive change you have brought to the organisation in the past 2 years. (E.g. increased fundraising income, engaged new supporters, etc) (100 words)

* 7. Describe the impact this change had to the organisation. Please give an example. (100 words)

* 8. How much have you raised for the organisation in the past 2 years?

* 9. What 2 achievements are you most proud of? This can be professional or personal. (200 words)

* 10. What advice would you give a fundraiser just starting out in their career? (100 words)

* 11. What 3 changes do you want to see in the world, and how will you contribute to these changes? (300 words)

* 12. Complete this sentence:

* 13. Please provide a reference from your organisation