We are looking for organisations who use incredible resourcefulness for social good, by demonstrating significant impact for a relatively small financial investment.
Applicants must be working / volunteering for a social good organisation in the Asia Pacific region. 

* 1. Please enter your details below:

* 4. About how many years have you been in your current position?

* 5. Briefly describe the campaign, and it's objectives. (100 words)

* 6. How did you overcome limited financial resources to achieve success with this campaign and what techniques did you use? (100 words)

* 7. To what extent were the objectives of the fundraising campaign achieved? (100 words)

* 8. Describe the impact this campaign had to the organisation. Please give an example. (100 words)

* 9. Please provide the following:

* 10. What 3 changes do you want to see in the world, and how will you contribute to these changes? (300 words)

* 11. Complete this sentence: