Client Consultation

Established in 1895, the Isle of Wight Society for the Blind (IWSB) is one of the oldest independent charities on the Isle of Wight.

We are inviting clients and prospective clients to have their say and identify their priorities in a consultation exercise that will help determine IWSB future plans and activities.

Our continuing purpose is to provide practical, emotional and educational support for visually impaired people, their families and carers and promote awareness of the needs of those affected by sight loss amongst the general public.

We strive to help people maintain independence, learn new skills and participate in social, physical and educational activities to reduce loneliness and isolation.

Currently we organise weekly coffee mornings, educational talks and seminars, craft clubs, weekly swimming sessions, walking and golf, a visiting and befriending service, a weekly audio version of the Isle of Wight County Press and a library of audio books.

To help ensure the services we provide in the future meet the needs of our existing and potential clients, the Society will use the survey to guide and develop our strategic plans. With your help we can ensure that our resources are targeted wisely to meet your needs.

Thank you very much for participating in this survey. Your feedback is invaluable in guiding our future. 

* 1. Do you currently use any of the services supported by IWSB?

* 2. If you answered no please go to question 3.
If you answered yes please rate below how positive an impact they have on your wellbeing.

  N/A Not at all Slightly Positive Moderately Positive Very Positive Extremely Positive
Strollers Walking Group
Dolphins Swimming Group
Millbrooke House Weekly Coffee Morning
Bembridge Monthly Coffee Morning
Niton Monthly Coffee Morning
Freshwater Monthly Coffee Morning
Owls - Millbrooke House. Meeting with guest speaker
Knitters & Natterers Social Group at Millbrooke House
Striders Walking Group
Talking News
Audio Library
Milbrooke House Resource Room of aids & equipment for the visually impaired
Millbrooke House braille document production
Milbrooke House as a point of contact for information for the visually impaired
IWSB volunteer home visit service?
Opportunities to volunteer for IWSB
Golf Group
Ten-Pin Bowling

* 3. Please rate how positive an impact the following services might have on your wellbeing if IWSB were able to co-ordinate them for clients. As with our existing provision, the Society covers any general administrative/organisational costs and room use at Millbrooke House.

  Not at all Slightly Positive Moderately Positive Very Positive Extremely Positive
Age appropriate exercise classes such as Yoga.
Other sport or activity taster days
Support to participate in a sponsored challenge event (e.g. The IoW Cycle Challenge/walk/run/marathon/skydive etc.) to raise awareness and funds for the Society
Craft taster sessions
Monthly food and drink tasting group with sessions at Millbrooke House
Monthly food and drink tasting group with sessions at other venues
Quarterly day trips to IoW heritage sites or tourist attractions
Quarterly day trips to mainland heritage sites or tourist attractions
Holidays and short breaks organised by the Society supported with the provision of sighted volunteers to assist with guiding (not care provision)
Monthly music group to include singing, listening & occasional concert or live performance visits
Quarterly story telling or poetry recital group - your chance to spin a good yarn or share favourite poems
Social activities closer to your home
Introduction to technology course of perhaps 6 weekly sessions looking at computers, iPads, mobile phones and apps for the visually impaired
Monthly technology group to keep abreast of development in computers, iPads, mobile phones and apps for the visually impaired
Quarterly technology group to keep abreast of development in computers, iPads, mobile phones and apps for the visually impaired
Evening/weekend social group for 65+ year olds
Evening/weekend social group for 50 - 64 year olds
Evening/weekend social group for 36 - 49 year olds
Evening/weekend social group for 19 - 35 year olds
Evening social activities for young people aged 16 - 18 years
Evening social club for 11 - 15 year olds
Evening social club for  7 - 10 year olds
Quarterly evening social meeting at Millbrooke House for parents/guardians/carers of young people with visual impairment; with separate activities arranged for any accompanying young people.
School summer holiday activities or social event for visually impaired young people and their parents/guardians/carers.
Please add below further suggestions of services or activities, rating them as above

* 4. Other suggestions.

* 5. In relation to social and recreational activities please indicate whether you would generally

* 6. Visual impairment aside, on a scale of 0 - 10 (where 10 is very healthy), how healthy do you feel at the moment?

* 7. Being connected is more than having a network of friends and family. It could include being connected to your community, having the ability to access services or help when you need it and being digitally connected.

On a scale of 0 - 10 (where 10 is very connected) how connected to others do you feel?

* 8. On a scale of 0 - 10 (where 10 is very confident) how confident are you using technology/the Internet in everyday life? (e.g. using email, the Internet, social media, online banking/shopping etc.)

* 9. How do you find out about the following (please tick all that apply)

  Printed leaflets/posters Word of Mouth IWSB website Other Internet Social media Radio Talking News Other - please specify
Local events/social activities
Contact details for organisations/services for the visually impaired
Health information relating to sight loss
Other health services/information

* 10. About IWSB

* 11. Would you favour a name change of the Society to promote a more inclusive organisation that supported those with visual impairment, e.g. Isle of Wight Vision?

* 12. Would you like to suggest a new working name for the Society that would reflect a more inclusive and forward looking ethos?

Please remember that this survey and all responses are completely anonymous. Information gathered is purely to enable us to better understand the needs of visually impaired islanders to inform our future plans and services.

* 13. Please indicate which age range you are in

* 14. What is your gender?

* 15. What is your current status (please tick all that apply)?

* 16. Do you volunteer for any organisation?

* 17. Please tell us the first part (4 digits) of your postcode

* 18. Please let us have any other comments, questions or concerns

* 19. Please identify if you have completed this and independently