* 1. Which out of the following best describes why you choose to support EACH? Tick all that apply:

* 2. Please tick one or more of the options below to indicate the ways you support EACH today and how you may support us in the future:

  How I support today How I might consider supporting in the future
Play the monthly Local Hospice Lottery
Buy Grand Draw Tickets
Regular donation through direct debit or similar
Participate in sporting or challenge events
Volunteer for EACH
Leaving a gift in my Will

* 3. How much of an impact do you feel your support makes?

* 4. From the below list, please tick the option that you think raises the most money for EACH? Please only tick one box.

* 5. Which other charities do you regularly support?

* 6. How often do you read the following features in Footprints?

  Always Usually Sometimes Never
Family stories
The impact my support is helping to make
Information about EACH services
Hospice service updates
How I can get involved in fundraising and volunteering
Fundraising thank yous
Key event dates

* 7. Thinking about Footprints generally, please tick one of the options on how you rate it overall?

* 8. Who else reads your copy of Footprints?

* 9. How do you feel about the frequency of information and updates you recieve from EACH?

* 10. Have you ever thought about including a gift to EACH in your Will?