Advertising plays an important part in the local economy of Fylde. Businesses use adverts to engage customers and increase trade. Adverts give local people information about goods and services that are available to them. Consumers, businesses and the economy benefit from appropriate advertising, including appropriate outdoor advertising. Local community groups also use outdoor advertising to publicise their events.

But inappropriate outdoor advertising can affect the amenity of the area. Too many signs can make the towns, villages and countryside in Fylde less attractive to residents and visitors. Signs in the wrong places can obstruct pavements and make streets less safe.

Outdoor advertising is therefore regulated by law. Many forms of outdoor advertising, such as most typical shop signage, is automatically allowed under the regulations. Many other forms of outdoor advertising need permission from Fylde council. The council can only refuse permission for reasons of amenity or safety.

Most businesses and community groups who use outdoor advertising are careful about complying with the law. They make sure that their adverts are either automatically allowed under the regulations, or apply for permission from the council. But some do not, and instead put up adverts unlawfully.

We want to do something about unlawful adverts in Fylde. We don’t think that it’s fair that some organisations can get an advantage over their competitors by blighting local streets and landscapes. So we will be using powers such as community protection notices, leading to fixed penalties, and removal of unlawful signs, to address unlawful advertising. And that’s why we want your views.

The council’s resources for advertising enforcement are limited. We can’t be everywhere at once. We want to target them on where it is important to local people, organisations and businesses.

Please help by letting us know your views in this short questionnaire.

* 1. Do you agree that unlawful outdoor advertising is a problem that the council needs to address

* 2. Please provide us some indication of how much the outdoor advertising concerns you? (please move the slider marker bar below in the options listed)

Not a problem Mild concern
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* 3. 2.What are the main problems that you think are caused by unlawful advertising? (Select any number)

* 5. Which (if any) parts of the borough do you feel are most affected by problems associated with unlawful advertising?

* 6. Which (if any) kinds of organisation do you feel cause significant problems associated with unlawful advertising? (Select any number)

* 7. Please tell us a little about yourself. Choose which describes you best