To mark National Hate Crime Week (12th-19th October 2019), we are launching a series of events aimed at educating and empowering local residents and businesses to recognise, address and report learning disability hate crime.

At The Sunnybank Trust, we see the devastating effect that hate crime has on those with a learning disability. It’s estimated that at least 73% of people with learning disabilities experience hate crime. The true scale of the problem is likely to be much greater; much hate crime goes unreported due to fear, worries of not being taken seriously and a lack of support. Often people who experience it do not know it is a crime and should be reported – they just accept it as part of their lives.

We are asking local businesses and residents to sign our pledge to support us in making Epsom #NoPlaceForHate.

• I/We pledge to learn about learning disability hate crime and how to support people who are affected by it

• I/We pledge to stand together as a community to ensure that everyone is treated with respect

• I/We pledge to report (or support others to report) any hate crime witnessed or experienced

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