NHS review of Children's Therapy Services - Parent / Carers

NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group is currently reviewing the role and function of the children and young people’s therapy services (Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy). As part of this review we are seeking the views of parents of children and young people who have used the service. I would be grateful if you could complete the following questionnaire.

Please don’t give the name of your child or the names of any professionals who were involved in treating your child.

Your views will be used to inform future direction of the service. Thanks very much for your help.

* 1. What service did your child / young person use? please tick all that apply

* 2. Please state the primary reason why the therapy was needed.

* 3. What difference did the therapy make to the health and well being of your child / young person?

* 4. What difference did the therapy make to your ability to manage the condition or your child / young person?

* 5. What could the service have done differently to improve your experience?