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* 1. Please specify if you are a resident and/or business owner in Carluke. Select all options that apply.

* 2. On a scale of 1 (Very dissatisfied) to 5 (Very Satisfied), how to do you feel about Carluke High Street?

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 3. The small business bonus has lifted the burden of rates from many small businesses across Clydesdale. What other practical measures would assist your business in Carluke and attract new ones to the town?

* 4. How frequently do you shop in Carluke Town Centre?

* 5. What best describes your reasons for shopping in the town? Select all that apply.

* 6. What types of shops or experiences would make you visit the town centre more often?

* 7. Would you like to see more community events at Rankin Gait, and if so, please state which types of activity or events you would like to attend?

* 8. What community facilities do you think would improve Carluke as a whole?

* 9. There is currently a consultation to reform the planning legislation. What improvements do you think can be made to empower communities in designing good quality places and spaces to live and work in?

* 10. Do you believe more should be done to bring tourism to the town? What do you think would help achieve this?