Transport for the South East (TfSE) is a newly-established shadow Sub-National Transport Body representing 16 Local Transport Authorities and five Local Enterprise Partnerships in the South East of England.

TfSE is currently developing a transport strategy to help realise its vision of growing the South East’s economy by facilitating the development of a reliable, high-quality, integrated transport system that makes the region more productive and competitive, improves access to opportunities for all and protects and enhances the environment.

WSP is undertaking a survey of businesses on behalf of TfSE to inform the future transport strategy for the area. As part of this work, it is important that we gain the perspective of businesses who move goods within the TfSE area.

We would be very grateful if you could complete this survey if you are:
  • A business within the area that is involved in the movement of goods by road, rail, air or water. This can be as a freight operator or as a business that transports goods using its own fleet or the fleet of an external company. You may also be involved in the storage or forwarding of goods (e.g. a port or warehousing).
  • A transport manager, fleet manager or director at the business or have responsibilities relating to the movement of goods.
  • Your business is required to move goods within the TfSE area (see map below).
  • A business that has a significant reliance on the movement of goods (i.e. manufacturer or retailer).

Question Title

The survey will take no more than 15 minutes to complete and it is completely confidential. WSP will treat your responses in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (including the General Data Protection Regulation). We are a Market Research Sociey Company Partner and abide by its Code of Conduct.

At the end of the interview we will ask if you wish to participate in a follow up discussion. However, if you do not want to, you do not have to provide any contact details. If you do wish to be interviewed, we may contact you on completion of this survey.

The survey needs to be completed by 31 March 2019.

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