Survey Purpose

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey that seeks views from all those who are interested in the work of the Co-operative Heritage Trust.

The Co-operative Heritage trust was recently awarded Arts Council Funding from the Museum Resilience Fund to carry out a project looking at potential ways to achieve greater overall long-term resilience and impact for the Rochdale Pioneers Museum (RPM) and the National Co-operative Archive (NCA).  Funding was awarded to enable two main research strands of work to be carried out in relation to governance models and fundraising strategies.  The funding proposal undertook to carry out a stakeholder questionnaire as part of this project. 

The project team are now inviting comment from all those who have an interest in the work of The Co-operative Heritage Trust (covering both the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and also the National Co-operative Archive) including those within the museum’s local community in Rochdale as well as across the UK and Global co-operative movement.

Question Title

* 1. We would be grateful if you could provide your contact details, particularly if you are responding as a representative of a particular organisation. 

Question Title

* 2. The Co-operative Heritage Trust (CHT) wishes to ensure it considers all of those people and organisations who have an interest in its work.  Please can you let us know which one of the following best describes your main relationship with the CHT (either through the Rochdale Pioneers Museum or the National Co-operative Archive).You can select more than one option