* 1. Where do you live? (if in the Chorley borough please indicate the town/village or town if outside Chorley)

* 2. Where did you hear about the Chorley Grand Prix 2018

* 3. On the day of the Chorley Grand Prix 2018, did you visit..

* 4. If you visited the Chorley Cycle Village how much did you spend whilst there?

* 5. If you visited the Town centre to shop how much did you spend? (Not including money spent in Cycle Village)

* 6. If you visited Chorley Town Centre, did you..

* 7. What attracted you to attend the Chorley Grand Prix 2018

* 8. Would you like to see the Chorley Grand Prix return next year?

* 9. Please leave any other comments or feedback regarding the Chorley Grand Prix