* 1. Does your role with the council require you to use your car? Yes/No

* 2. How many miles per month do you do drive for work                    


* 3. How many miles per month do you drive in your commute

between home and work        

* 4. What service do you work in? (please state)

* 5. Do you have multiple bases if so do you get mileage between the bases reimbursed?     

* 6. What is your monthly mileage between bases  

* 7. Does your contract require you to provide a car for work

* 8. Following the introduction of the new travel mileage would you be willing to start and finish your journeys from work rather than home

* 9. Would you withdraw your car from work use if this option was available

* 10. Any other comments e.g. does this affect you significantly