What do you think of the local bus service?

Cranleigh Youth Council is looking into the local bus service and we want to know what you think. Please answer the following questions and give us any extra details in the space provided.

* 1. Name of your school/college

* 2. Your age

* 3. 1.    How do you usually travel to school/college?

* 4. Do you find it easy to get to school/college?

* 5. Do you think the cost of buses is reasonable?

* 6. What would make you use the bus more?

* 7. Other than getting to school/college what do you use the bus service for?

* 8. Has the lack of public transport influenced your choice of course/college/apprenticeship/job?

* 9. If you have any bus related experiences (good or bad) you wish to share please make a note of them here: