One Earth Organics is an organic superfood company. Superfoods are really just nutrient dense foods and we are currently sourcing some of the worlds finest and most potent superfoods for you and will blend them together with the help of master herbalists and nutritionists. By blending superfoods together we can cater to specific needs such as more energy, weight loss, better skin, anti-aging or even kids blends. Please help us in this journey by filling out this short survey :) Thank you!

* 1. Do you currently eat superfoods or would you ever consider eating superfoods? (e.g. Spirulina, wheatgrass, acai berry, goji berry, coconut oil, maca, baobab)

* 2. If you have ever tried a competitors superfood product, please tell us what you liked most about them?

* 3. Which other superfood companies do you currently buy from?