The BAC is undertaking a survey of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme cytology workforce to assist with informing the decision making on HPV primary screening implementation. This is a great time of change in the CSP, and we want to get information from all staff, Pathologists, ABMSPs, BMS and Cytoscreeners, to help in looking at future options.

Note: questions marked with a * are non-optional and must be completed 

All respondents are required to complete Section's 1 & 6
Section 2 is for Pathologists
Section 3 is for ABMSPs
Section 4 is for BMSs
Section 5 is for Cytoscreeners

Please could you circulate to all cervical cytology staff, especially those who are not BAC members and emphasise the importance of this survey and strongly encourage them to complete the survey by 6pm Weds 29th March. We want to get a reply from every individual person reporting cervical cytology within the CSP, at all grades and positions, so please pass this email and link to the survey to any members of your department who may not have received it so they can take part.

The survey results will be shared with PHE and NHSE to help with this decision making for the future.