Individual Recognition

* 1. PresenterĀ of the year
Someone who is currently presenting in British television, who does not shy away from addressing topics around diversity and inclusion.

* 2. Actor of the year
Presented for an outstanding performance which enshrines the values of equality, diversity and inclusion in UK media.

* 3. Diversity champion of the year
Rewarding an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to diversity in UK media behind the scenes.

* 4. Hero of the year
Someone who has not shied away from confronting an issue or has stood up for what they believe in.

* 5. Journalist of the year
Open to any journalist from UK national print, broadcast or online media whose work consistently highlights issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion.

* 6. Rising star of the year
Available to anyone who is just starting out or is a career changer, moving into media later in their career. (on or off screen)

* 7. Icon of the year
This award is given to someone in the public eye who actively and positively promotes an equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. A role model.