Coulsdon Police Communication Survey

Dear resident,

We are reviewing the way we communicate with the ward on policing news and crime prevention advice. If you could spare a few minutes to complete the following survey it will help us greatly improve how we deliver the information to the local community.

* 1. What method of communication do you prefer?

* 2. Do you like to receive information from your local policing team?

* 3. Are you happy with the amount of communication you receive from your Local Policing Team?

* 4. If no, please specify your preferred amount of contact

* 5. Do you know how to get in contact with your local policing team?

* 6. If yes how would you contact them?

* 7. Are there any underlying themes that affect your preferred communication with the police? E.g. No computer access, restricted mobility. ( Please list below )

* 8. We endeavour to reach all areas of the community with relevant information and advice. Are there any other methods of contact we could utilise to engage with you? Please include places we could visit such as specific faith groups, community meetings, social media platforms etc…(Please list)