Cambridge is one of the most unequal cities in the UK (that's according to the Centre for Cities). We'd like to find out how this affects people living here and what you think could be done about it.

The Cambridge Commons is a collective of local volunteers motivated to do something positive about inequality and its impacts. We exist to raise awareness of the harmful impact of inequality, so that local people can take action to address it.

One way we do this is using the responses from this survey to write articles in local papers, publish blog posts, and lobby local government. 

All your responses will be anonymous. We only use your information to keep you informed if you've asked us to. We never pass on your details to third parties without your consent.

Please tell us about your experience of living in Cambridge.

This survey takes about 5 minutes.

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* 1. Which of these are most important to your experience of Cambridge? (tick up to 3)

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* 2. Do you feel you do not have fair access to any of the following (tick all that apply)?

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* 3. Can you give an example of something unfair in Cambridge that you have experienced or know about?

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* 4. What do you think fairness is about?

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* 5. What positive action do you think would make Cambridge fairer for all (for example your ideas or experience from other cities)?

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* 6. I understand and agree that my answers may be used anonymously to raise awareness of inequality in Cambridge through our website and other publicity.