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The first Exminster Community Plan was commissioned by the Parish Council in May 2011. With advice from the Community Council of Devon and with the help of volunteer residents, the Council carried out a survey of all households in the parish early in 2012.

An amazing 1,796 respondents completed a questionnaire – representing 60% of Exminster households – and after detailed analysis the Community Plan was published in November 2012. This can be downloaded from the Council’s website at

Since early 2012, the parish has changed significantly, with large new housing developments already completed at Milbury Reach and Sentry's Farm, and plans in place to build a large industrial estate at Peamore and around 2,000 houses in the Matford area. Our Community Plan needs to be refreshed to take into account the views of newer residents and our changing times.

We are now seeking your views on a range of Exminster issues, from transport to
housing, volunteering to facilities. By filling in this questionnaire you will be helping us to identify the needs and aspirations of the whole community, helping the Parish Council to prioritise projects it has within its control, as well as flagging up concerns to other service providers, including Teignbridge District Council and Devon County Council.
We would like each member of the household to complete the survey with their own personal views. Multiple surveys can be completed from one device. Please encourage others to complete the survey.  The survey comprises 46 questions, please answer as many as possible.  We estimate that it will take about 30 minutes to complete.  Please note that once started you will not be able to navigate backwards and you will have to complete the survey in one sitting.

We expect the results of the survey to be published in Autumn 2019.
Confidentiality and Data Protection

Exminster Parish Council will use the information provided by you in this survey to gather your views and feedback about our community and to plan our services and shape our policies. No data will be published which can identify you as an individual. Data will be retained for 5 years from the date of publication of the Community Plan report, then destroyed.

Our privacy policy can be found at the following location:
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* 4. Would you recommend Exminster to family and friends as a place to live?

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