EventMate BETA Testing Survey

Survey 2 – General Feedback (Suppliers)
Length: Take as long as you like.
Reward: Reward: 3 months free subscription (+6 month free trial)

Thank you for volunteering to take part in BETA testing as an event supplier for EventMate.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect feedback from various sources about the brand-new digital event service booking platform, EventMate.

In this section we would simply like you to have a look around the website. Click on the links, type in ridiculous biographies, and generally try to break the website. If anything does not work in the way it should, we want to know about it so please do use the provided text fields to make notes about the individual pages and sections within the website.

Before we start, we would like to know whether you would like to remain anonymous or not. We would ideally like to have the option to contact you to discuss the feedback given during this questionnaire and to clear up any questions we may have about your answers, however if you do not wish for us to contact you then this is completely understandable.

If you do wish to remain anonymous, then unfortunately we cannot offer this extended free trial as we will need to keep your contact details on record to verify who has qualified for this offer. If you do still want to remain anonymous then please leave the following ‘Contact Details’ section blank.
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