Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching Supervision

This questionnaire is designed to gain more insight into how coaching supervisors respond to ethical dilemmas, and underpinning that, the core principles and models that they draw on when navigating these often tricky issues. Therefore you are invited to respond to these questions from the perspective of your role as a coaching supervisor.

This questionnaire is open to all people who offer coaching supervision, and is being co-ordinated jointly by AC and AOCS. Responses will confidentially inform our ongoing work in this field.  

We are open to further contributions to this work, so if you wish to contribute further or be kept current on new developments in ethical practice, please email:
or leave your email address at Question 16.

There are two case studies, each followed by some questions.  It could take approximately 30 minutes per case study to complete.  If you wish to return to your part-finished answers at a later time, (1) go to the bottom of the page you are working on, and click the 'Next' button; (2) use the same computer/laptop/device when you return to finish your answers.  

Thank you for participating in this questionnaire.  We value your contribution. 

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