Decision-makers are increasingly faced with the challenge of making our infrastructure resilient and mitigating the effects of extreme weather events and climate change. There is a wealth of data, knowledge and expertise in the UK research base which could address this challenge but this valuable resource is often difficult to access and requires translating to be more readily used.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme is a collaboration between academia and infrastructure owners, operators and regulators to use environmental science to identify, quantify and manage environmental risks to infrastructure.

NERC is making a 5 year £5million investment to
 - Increase visibility and access to leading science in the area of environmental risk
 - Build effective partnerships between academia and the infrastructure sector to facilitate access to that body of knowledge
 - Fund collaborative projects between academia and the infrastructure sector to translate existing research into tangible, industry-relevant outputs to help

The programme is driven by the needs of the infrastructure sector, and focuses on three themes:
1. Identifying, understanding and quantifying environmental risks to the infrastructure system.
2. Likelihood, effect and impact of multi-hazard combinations on the infrastructure system.
3. Dealing with uncertainty in design, operational and investment decisions.

CIRIA, as Programme Coordiantor, is seeking inputs from the industry community into the identification of the hazards and impacts on the infrastructure assets that need to be further studied and assessed. To facilitate this, we would like to ask for your responses to the following questions.

The outcomes of the survey will inform and help shape the next call of the Programme.