* 1. Overview

* 2. Please tick all those that apply to describe your company’s areas of business:

* 3. Please indicate which markets your company operates in:

* 6. Where are your company headquarters based?

* 8. How did sales levels compare in 2016 to 2015?

* 10. How do you expect your sales to change in the next 12 months:

* 12. Government currently maintains a Shortage Occupation List that means specialist skills can be more easily imported.  In order to inform our thinking and possible representation, which specific roles do you expect to have the greatest demand over the next 12-24 months:

  Definitely Quite likely Unlikely Very unlikely
General Management
Project/Programme Managers
System Architect Engineers
Hardware Engineers: Digital
Hardware Engineers: Analogue/Mixed-Signal
Hardware Engineers: RF
Hardware Engineers: Verification
Validation/Characterisation Engineers
Software Engineers: Embedded
Software Engineers: Applications
Methodology/Design Tool Flows/Infrastructure Engineers
Software Engineers: Design Tools Development
EDA/CAD engineers
Applications/Support Engineers
Technical Operations Engineers
Production Test Engineers

* 13. Current policies and BREXIT negotiations all point to it being more difficult to recruit internationally and greater emphasis on growing the UK talent base. In particular, the Apprenticeship Levy starts in the new tax year and companies with a payroll of over £3m will pay 0.5% to the Apprenticeship Levy. In relation to this, NMI has been active in starting the UK Electronics Skills Foundation and Graduate Apprenticeship Standard on Embedded Electronic Systems Design. We are continually focusing on this and intend to take things further.

Please indicate the following:

  Not Aware Aware / Not participating Participating Would like to know more
Graduate Apprenticeship
Developing new apprenticeship standards

* 14. In the next 12 months how likely are you to recruit:

  Definitely Quite likely Unlikely Very unlikely
Graduates £18k - £26K
Operatives £27-£34k
Operational Management £35-£50k
Middle Management £45k-60k
Senior Management £60k upwards
Non Executives

* 15. Working with NMI, Enigma People Solutions sponsor and run a number of events and webinars throughout the year. What topics do you feel would be of most interest you?