Dear Constituent,

It's my job to try and best represent you in Westminster and to champion the most important issues here at home in Bristol. 

I am a member of the cross-party Science and Tech Committee and in recent months we have undertaken an inquiry on the impact on health, particularly in children and young people,  of energy drinks. During committee meetings, I have raised my concerns about the sale of energy drinks and how they are advertised to young people.

The government has now launched a consultation on the potential banning of the sale of energy drinks to those under 18. They have suggested a ban could focus on under 16's or under 18's. The ban would apply to drinks containing 150mg of caffeine or more per litre.

Ahead of a visit to Oasis Brightstowe Academy in November where I'll discuss energy drinks usage with pupils, teaching staff and parents, I am keen to hear your views and experiences on the sale, advertising and use of energy drinks. I encourage young people, their parents/guardians, education and youth services providers to share their thoughts.

On the first page of this survey, I ask some questions about you and your family. You don't have to answer these if you don't want to, it just helps me understand the hopes and concerns of people in different circumstances.

If the feedback you share is used by me to comment on the government's consultation any identifiable information will not be used - your responses will not be shared in full outside of my office.

Thanks in advance,


Darren Jones MP
Member of Parliament, Bristol North West

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