Can you help us develop the training and skills that local employers need now and in the future or do you know someone who could?

GFirst Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Gloucestershire County Council and the other Gloucestershire local authorities are establishing an Employment & Skills Board. The Board will provide a link between the workforce and training needs of local employers with the provision of local education, training and skills providers in the County to ensure there are strong matches between them.

If you are interested and want to apply, please complete the webform below and submit it by 26th April.

Applications will then be reviewed by GFirst LEP and Gloucestershire County Council and you will be contacted with the outcome of your application w/c 1st May. 

Please refer to the Terms of Reference before completing the form below.

* 1. First name

* 2. Last name

* 3. Email address

* 4. Telephone number

* 5. Name of organisation

* 6. Organisation sector (i.e. care, advanced engineering)

* 7. I am applying for the following role/s on the Employment and Skills Board:

* 8. Why I am applying to join the Employment and Skills Board and what I would bring to the role (N.B. In addition to your own experience and networks, please refer to the sections in the Draft Terms of Reference headed ‘Role of Board Members’, ‘The way we do business’ and ‘Ideally we want Board members who’.)

* 9. Additional resources that I or my organisation could provide to support the work of the Employment and Skills Board (e.g. access to specific employment and skills-related information or networks, sector networks, research reports or research expertise, meeting room/s for Board meetings, etc.)