Employer satisfaction survey for York College Apprentices and Work Based Learning   2016-17

* 1. Title of programme:

* 2. Company Name:

* 3. Student programme:

* 4. The overall quality of the training was

* 5. Please choose ONE of the following to explain your reason for using York College

* 6. The way in which the college assessors kept me informed about my employee's progress was

* 7. The professionalism and effectiveness of the college staff I dealt with was

* 8. The flexibility in the way assessments were offered in the workplace was

* 9. What areas have been impacted by training?

  Yes No Can't tell N/A
Improved staff retention
Growth of service
Fulfilled statutory requirements
Improved cost-effectiveness
Able to make internal promotions

* 10. I would use York College for further  training in the future

* 11. I would recommend York College to another company


* 13. If you would like one of our business advisors to discuss further training needs with you

If you would like to discuss any of the questions in this survey please contact
Sue Hirst Employer Engagement Coordinator
01904 770409 or e-mail shirst@yorkcollege.ac.uk
Thank you for your support