Commissioned by the Emergency Services Collaboration Working Group

This questionnaire is commissioned by the ESCWG. We are a sector-led body that works to encourage and facilitate closer and deeper collaboration between the emergency services to carry out the Duty to Collaborate within the Policing and Crime Act 2017. 

This questionnaire is intended to establish a picture of collaboration across England in order to create an emergency services collaboration database to share best practice among the sector. Please complete a minimum* of 3 questionnaires, one in each of the following areas: (1) Operational collaboration project (2) Estates sharing project and (3) Support services/ shared back office functions.

We will use this information to contribute to:

-          Sharing knowledge and experience 

-          Finding out about enablers & barriers to collaboration 

-          Developing a database of example collaboration projects for the sector to use

-          Providing strategic support and guidance to our emergency services, Ministers and Government departments

PLEASE COMPLETE and RETURN BY 18th December 2017.

*If your service does not cover all three streams, please fill out as many as you can. 

If you have any questions about submitting your information, please email Rebecca Gill, Senior Programme Manager of the ESCWG, on or ring Rebecca on 07971893288.

* 1. Briefly describe in no more than 200 words your collaboration project.

* 2. What is the name of the collaboration partnership?

* 3. Who is the contactable lead for this particular collaboration partnership?

* 4. Are there other partners involved in this partnership?

* 5. Which theme does your collaboration project mostly fall under?

* 6. What category does your collaboration project fall under?

* 7. Which benefits apply to your collaboration project and what future benefits do you expect?

* 8. Please provide further detail of how your collaboration project achieved the benefits outlined above, focusing on effectiveness, efficiency or public safety. 

* 9. Please describe any drawbacks your collaboration project has brought about.

* 10. What status is your collaboration project?

* 11. Which legal vehicle is it, was it or will it be delivered through? 

* 12. If known, please enter the individual service savings and combined savings to date.

* 13. What are the financial benefits to date?

* 14. If you are unable to provide a financial benefit realised to date, why?

* 15. Is your collaboration project open to others joining? If so, which?

* 16. If your project is not open to others, are there any statutory or legal barriers blocking others from joining?

* 17. Do you consent for your collaboration project to appear on an online shared database for best practice?

* 18. Do you give permission for the ESCWG to contact you for further questions about your collaboration project in future?

* 19. If you would like to provide us with further information, please attach here.

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