Aberdeenshire Council are currently reviewing the School Estate and reviewing school catchment areas is part of this process. This involves looking at the catchment area (zone) of schools to see if they cover the right area. We want to look at this for the schools in the Ellon primary network. The following short survey marks the start of an engagement process to identify what changes should be considered.

Currently there are enough school places for all children in the Ellon network, however due to the location of the current catchment areas, the places are not always where they are needed the most.

Below is a table to show the recommended number of pupils for each school (school capacity) and the forecast roll based on the current catchments and plans for new housing. The school roll forecast information included in the table is based on the September 2015 census data and up to date housing land audit data.

Ellon Network School Rolls

If a review of the catchment areas in Ellon leads to rezoning, this may mean that your nearest school will not be the one that your child attends. There may be high demand in one area and available school places in another. However, any children already in school will be able to stay at that primary school until they move to secondary school.

Changing a school zone requires consultation under the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010. Aberdeenshire Council wishes to consult widely and is consulting with the parents of individual primary schools in the Ellon cluster as part of this process.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.
Maps showing the catchment area for each school are on the next page before a number of questions that we would like you to answer.

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