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PART C of this survey asks about your experience of and views on Elgin Car Parks. This part of the questionnaire should only take a few minutes to complete, and is an opportunity for you to inform decisions in this area. You can complete as many sections as you like of the Direct Services Survey. All information you provide to us is strictly confidential and will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

* 1. For what purpose do you use Pay and Display Car Parks in Elgin? (Please tick all that apply.)

  To Access Place of Work Ease of Access to Shops Connections to Public Transport Social Other
Lossie Green
Lossie Wynd
St Giles Multi-storey
Batchen Lane
Ladyhill Road
Northfield Terrace
South Street
Hall Place
Moray Street
North Port

* 2. Are you satisfied with the level of parking charges at these car parks?

* 3. Are you satisfied with the condition of Pay and Display Car Parks mentioned in Question 1?

* 4. If you are not satisfied with any of the Pay & Display car parks in Elgin (e.g. condition, number of spaces, etc.) please share your comments:

* 5. Are you satisfied with the Disabled parking provision within the car parks mentioned in Question 1?

* 6. Are you satisfied with the Disabled parking provision within Elgin town centre?

* 7. If you are not satisfied with Disabled Parking provision within Elgin town centre, please share your reasons below:

* 8. What improvements, if any, would you like to see made to Pay & Display car parks or to Disabled Parking provision in Elgin town centre?

* 9. If you have contacted the Council to report a Car Parking issue / or enquiry over the last 12 months, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the following aspects on how your enquiry was handled?

  Very satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied Don’t know / Not applicable
Ease of contact
Friendliness / Co-operation of staff
Speed and quality of response
Your enquiry / problem overall

* 10. Please provide your postcode to enable us to target our improvements to the right geographical areas in Moray. Your postcode will not be used for any other purpose.