* 1. In what country do you currently reside?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How many employees work at your company?

* 4. What best describes your current role?

* 5. Which of the below does your business primarily target?

* 6. Is social media important to your business?

* 7. Have you integrated social media into traditional marketing activities?

* 8. Are you able to measure the ROI of social media?

* 9. How do you measure your social media results?

* 10. Have you set social KPI’s for the year?

* 11. Rank the following social media marketing benefits in order of importance to your business, with 1 being the least important 8 being the most important.

* 12. Which of the following platforms do you actively use to market your business?

* 13. What is the single most important social platform for your business?

* 14. How will you change your social media use in the future, will your level of activity on the below increase, decrease or remain the same?

  Increase Decrease Stay the same

* 15. Who manages your social media platforms?

* 16. Which forms of paid social do you regularly use?

* 17. Do you plan to increase your spend in paid social in 2017?

* 18. Do you plan to increase the percentage of your marketing budget, allocated to social media this year?

* 19. On a scale of 1 (totally unprepared) to 5 (fully prepared) how would you rate your preparedness for a social media crisis?

* 20. Did you undertake any social media crisis simulation exercises in the last year?

* 21. Did your company experience a social media crisis in the last year?

* 22. Do you have social media guidelines for your employees?

* 23. Did you recruit social media influencers (e.g. blogger, someone with a large following on social media) to work with your brand in 2016?

* 24. Have you paid a social media influencer (e.g. blogger, someone with a large following on social media) in 2015?

* 26. Do you believe it is ethical to use social media influencers to promote brands?

* 27. Do you think the use of social media influencers should be regulated?

* 28. Do you intend to increase your use of social media influencers in 2017?

* 29. Do you currently undertake real-time social media marketing campaigns?

* 30. Do you intend to increase the use of video in your 2017 marketing campaigns?

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