The area of woodland and green space in West Lothian called Easter Breich Wood has long been an important and much valued asset for the communities of West Calder and Seafield, perhaps even more so during the lockdowns of the recent pandemic.  It is currently owned by a charity, the Green Action Trust who are planning to sell it.  When it went up for sale in Summer 2020, a group of local residents came together to notify the seller of an interest from the community in owning the woodland - and the Easter Breich Woodland Steering Group was formed ( GAT are willing to see this happen and have taken the site off the market to allow the group time to gauge community support, conduct a feasibility study and raise the necessary funds to purchase the wood.  We will only be able to secure funds for purchase of the site if the community supports it, if it will make a difference locally and if it will be financially viable. To ensure that this is the case, we want to ask your views and get your ideas to hep us develop a future for the site. Please take a few minutes to fill in this short survey.

This research is being delivered independently by Community Enterprise (an organisation with experience of community based research) with support from Upland Forestry Ltd (forestry ad rural development specialists, see

All information gathered will be kept confidential. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus issue, paper copies of the survey are not available but if you feel you are not able to complete the digital version, or want to discuss the project further and have your views recorded, please call Douglas on 07989 306374 or email

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The survey will be initially open for one month, though this may be extended and additional research will be undertaken so please keep an eye on our Facebook page ( for updates.

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* 3. How often do you visit Easter Breich Wood?

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* 4. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements relating to the site?

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It's somewhere I can relax and unwind
It's a safe place for physical activity such as walking
It's an attractive place
It's a good place for children to play
It's an important part of our heritage
It is a good place to learn about nature

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* 5. What difficulties do you have accessing the site (if any)?