Welcome to our Easter Football Camp!

We are delighted you will be joining us! Please see below for further information.  To book your place please complete the simple form below - it should only take a minute or two.  Once submitted, you will receive a reply with payment details to confirm your place.  Thank you.

When is it?
Monday 11th - Thursday 14th April

Where is it?
The University of Brighton, Astro Pitch, Denton Road, Eastbourne BN20 7SR

What age group is it for?
Year Reception - Year 9* (inclusive)*

How much is it?
£64 for the full camp 
or £18 per morning (minimum of 2 mornings)

What to expect?  
Camp mornings with us will include:

*Small sided games *Skills based challenges & activities *Individual ball work *Drills *Partner work *Target shooting *Penalty shoot-outs *Fitness and conditioning *Speed & agility

****Most importantly, expect a really fun week with our experienced and friendly team of coaches!***

Please fill out this form to get registered. Once we receive your form, we will send you details for payment by email. Thank you.


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* 8. I agree to abide by the rules that have been necessary for C.A.C.L. put in place in order to comply with Covid restrictions

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* 9. I give permission for first aid to be carried if necessary by a C.A.C.L. staff member wearing a mask

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* 10. I give permission for photos/videos to be taken of my child/ren by a C.A.C.L. staff member to be used for C.A.C.L. marketing purposes only.

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* 11. How did you hear about us?

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* 12. Any comments or questions?  Please let us know if you would like to request to be in the same group as a friend here (we will do our best to accommodate but cannot promise this for reasons such as age/ability).

Thank you for completing this form!  You should automatically receive payment details once you have submitted this form. Please make a note of them as it won't go directly into your inbox.   If you do not receive this please contact us.  

01323 730467