The Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust (EOTDT) is a community organisation that aims to make the Old Town a better place to live, work and visit.  We are developing plans for a potential community run facility on Cranston Steet in the Canongate area of the Old Town. 

The Trust is keen that the building will meet the needs of people, groups and organisations in the area. We want to hear your views and will use your feedback to help us develop our ideas.

We have commissioned Community Enterprise to help us carry out this research. If you have queries, or wish to find out more about this project, please contact Victoria Pearce at or call 01506 862227.

* 1. Please tell us the name of your organisation / group or service

* 2. Where are you based?

* 3. Would you describe yourself as...?

* 4. Roughly how many people attend your activities on a regular basis?

* 5. Over the next few years this number is likely to....

* 6. What kind of facilities do you use at present?

* 7. In general, are you happy with these facilities?

* 8. What kinds of meeting and activities spaces would you be interested in using and roughly how often? (Please tick all that apply)

  All the time More than once a week More than once a month Now and again
Small space (up to 10 people)
Medium space (10-20 people)
Large space (20-100 people)
Storage space

* 9. What do you feel is a reasonable charge per hour for these spaces?

  £5 £10-20 £20-30 £30-50 More
Small space
Medium space
Large space

* 10. Part of the plans include work space for voluntary organisations, social enterprises and local businesses. Would your organisation or group be keen to rent office / work space within a community  centre? 

* 11. If yes, how much desk space would you be likely to need?

* 12. How much rent (including service charges) would you be willing to pay?

  Less than £100 per month £100 - £300 per month £300 - £500 per month More than £500 per month
1-2 desks
2-5 desks
5-10 desks
10+ desks

* 13. What additional services would encourage you to use the centre?

* 14. Do you have any other suggestions about how the proposed centre could be attractive for your organisation / group?

* 15. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? "Developing this centre as a community asset will..."

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Provide volunteering opportunities
Bring the community together
Contribute to the local economy
Be a tool to overcome disadvantage and inequality
Improve the artistic and cultural life of the area
Encourage more families to stay in the area
Get more people involved in designing the services offered to them
Offer opportunities for young people to develop
Improve health
Increase community spirit
Get people into employment
Make people feel less isolated
Make the area more attractive

* 16. Please leave your contact details below, if; (please tick as appropriate)

* 17. Many thanks for taking the time to answer this survey. If you have any final comments for us, please feel free to use the box below. To keep up to date with developments, please visit our website: on contact us on