Expression of Interest - Presenting evidence in person

The SW Rural Commission will have a series of hearings in June/July to allow contributors to present evidence in person.  If you are interested in presenting to the commission and responding to their questions, please complete the form below. We anticipate that the contributors will be asked to provide a 10 minute presentation, with up to 20 minutes of questions from the panel.  The hearings will be held in public.  As time will be limited at each session, there will be a limited number of spaces.  The SW Rural Commission will decide which representatives are asked to present evidence in person. 

* 1. Your details

* 2. Which of the commission questions would like to address?

* 3. Please provide a brief overview of the evidence you would like to present in person?

* 4. Please rank your preferred panel session (where 1 = your top preference and 5 your least preference). Please leave blank if you cannot attend.