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Thank you for wanting to take part in Enjoyro! Please fill out these three simple questions and we'll be in touch as soon as a spot opens up.

Ticket information:

Adult – £42
If you’re 16* or over, this is the one for you.
*You’ll need to be 16 by 18 September 2021

Child – £31
Aged 14* or 15* this is the option for you. Don’t worry Mum or Dad can stay at home and you can ride this one alone… as long as they have given their consent – please bring a signed copy of this to registration with you.
*You’ll need to be 14/15 by 18 September 2021

Generations – £62 (for two riders). Keep it in the family!
For those of you aged 12* or 13* you can take part with a (responsible) adult. You’ll race one after another, both riders will have a timing chip and receive their own race times.
*You’ll need to be 12/13 by 18 September 2021

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