Dear Bartholomew Students,
This mental health survey relating to young people of school age (YOU!), is being carried out by the Eynsham Patient Participation Group (PPG). Our Survey is completely independent from Bartholomew School.
The PPG is a group of patients that is sponsored by the NHS. Its role is to act as a critical friend of the Eynsham medical practice with the aim of securing the best possible medical care for people who live within the practice’s catchment area. Previously we have carried out both hard copy and online surveys of the adult population but we thought that it was about time we sought the views and opinions of younger people, so the survey is designed to find out how many students attending Bartholomew School have experienced poor mental health and (if so), how well they have been supported by various healthcare providers.
The survey is completely anonymous, and only the overall results will be shared with the Eynsham medical practice, Bartholomew School and the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group who fund all primary care medical services in Oxfordshire.
The Survey will only take 5 minutes and young people like you will be the beneficiaries so please fill it in for us.