Standards in Biosciences: on awareness and adoption

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your information will help us (EMBL-ABR) direct our resources for the maximum impact for the needs of the Australian research community when it comes to standards across key areas in bioinformatics including data, tools, workflows and training . The survey is also open to researchers from outside Australia, but we collect the information about the geography from the respondent so we can focus in Australia, and with GOBLET look at the global trends in this topic. There are 14 questions and it should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. The responses and analysis of the results will be displayed in BioSharing.
Led by EMBL-ABR (Vicky Schneider) 
in collaboration with GOBLET Standards Committee and BioSharing (Peter McQuilton)

* 1. What type(s) of data do you currently work with in your research? (please select from list)

* 2. Do you currently work with large data sets (e.g. genome sequences, RNA-Seq, or CHIP-Seq)?

* 3. Which standards do you use for your data and for which purpose? 

* 4. Can you name a standard for the following types of data?

* 5. How do you find which ontology to use? and can you name some?

* 6. With whom do you aim to share your data? How do you share it?

* 7. are you aware of standards for academic software? and if so, can you cite these here please?

* 8. what is the number one standard you would like to see develop as a priority and why?

* 9. How would you classify your level of bioinformatics skills?

* 10. In what academic discipline is your research? (please choose from list.)

* 11. In which biological systems do you work?

* 12. What position do you currently hold?

* 13. In which Australian state (or country, if outside Australia) are you based? 

* 14. Any comment you may want to add?