Welcome to our CPS Survey


At Equal Lives we know crime is something that affects many disabled people. Through work with disabled people we know that some people have better experiences than others when reporting crime. We want to help the system work better for ALL the disabled people that use it.

So at Equal Lives we are collecting the views, experiences and opinions of disabled people in regards to the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) policy on crimes towards disabled people, including Hate Crime.

What does the crown prosecution service do?

When a crime or incident is reported to the police, the police collect information and evidence. This is then taken to the Crown Prosecution service who decide whether it goes to court. The organisation is separate from the police.)

What are we using the information for?

We would like your opinions and experience so that we can provide a response to the CPS in regards to their policy around disability and crime.

(For full details of the CPS policy please click on the following link: https://www.cps.gov.uk/consultations/hate_crime_dhc_consultation_2016.pdf)

To collect the evidence we have created a short survey which will be available until December 3rd 2016. It should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete; you do not have to answer all the questions and can stop taking part at any point.

The survey responses will be analysed and stored in accordance with Data Protection and it will not be used in a manner which will allow you to be identified.

Alternatively, if you prefer the survey in a word format, or need help to complete the survey please email Susan at: susan.waterfield@equallives.org.uk or phone 01508 491210. Please make sure your completed survey reaches us by the closing date.