Experience Guildford Business Improvement District’s first term commenced in 2013 and with your strong support the BID was renewed at ballot again in 2017. We have, since then, delivered on many of our plans and adapted and responded to the unprecedented challenges that the last couple of years have brought.

Our 2018-2023 Business Plan set out some key themes under which all our work has been carried out.

- Promoting Guildford and organising events to build upon its reach and appeal
- Enhancing the cleanliness and safety of the town
- Improving the parking and access in the town
- Providing business support for BID members

Your BID levy raises up to £600,000 per annum and has been bolstered further by grants and other income of over £50,000.

BIDs are required to go to ballot every five years in order to continue and our current term will come to an end on 31 January 2023 at which time all our activities will cease if we do not renew.

You will have recieved a newsletter which sets out what we have achieved during our second term and we now want to understand from you which of those projects/services are important to you, and also your priorities are for the next five years. This will inform the Business Plan on which you will be asked to vote in Autumn 2022.
There will be a number of ways you can share your ideas in the coming months but initially we would appreciate you completing this short survey.
If you like any other information orhave any queries, please contact 
All responses will be treated in the strictest of confidence

The closing date is 30 May 2022

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