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The purpose of RItrain knowledge/staff exchanges is for managerial staff from European Research Infrastructures (RI) to develop managerial and leadership expertise in areas that are new to them, or that they feel their research infrastructure needs to develop specific expertise in, by making short knowledge-exchange visits to research infrastructures that are noted for their excellence in the same area.

The topic of the staff exchange that is offered in this call is “Governance, business context and operational planning for hubs & nodes”. During the 2-day staff exchange, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the current challenges and identify solutions with experts from EATRIS. You will work with Frank de Man (Governance & Finance) and Kees de Ruig (Business Development) who will present to you EATRIS’ approach and its journey since the preparatory phase and dedicate time to understand your current challenges. During the remainder of the visit you will jointly identify possible solutions for your challenges with respect to governance and business development. A pre-survey of participants will be used to tailor the staff exchange agenda to the participants’ interests and needs.

Full details can be found on the RItrain website

You will be asked to provide details of your research infrastructure, motivation statements and your CV.
The deadline for applications is 2nd April 2018.