Health research at Durham University

Durham University has established an international reputation for leadership and innovation in research and scholarship, with health research making a significant contribution. However, there is now a need to revisit the role of health research at Durham, to gain a better understanding of research strengths, opportunities, and access to external funding to support a 360-degree approach to issues related to health and wellbeing. 

A project has been established, working with two external consultants (Sam@ThePartnershipLab and Jo@LuciditySolutions) who will work with stakeholders to address this need. The project will focus on extensive consultation, evaluation of all evidence and a recommendations proposal.  It will also build on the activities and consultation that has taken place before.

“Understanding all of the influences on human health and wellbeing by marshalling our disciplinary and interdisciplinary findings will ensure Durham University remains a world leader in providing the evidence base that is required to help every human, everywhere.”

This survey has been developed as a consultation tool to capture stakeholder views and opinions.  The questions will help to identify:

1. Existing research activities and expertise relating to health research at Durham
2. Future opportunities for health research at Durham
3. How health research is viewed at Durham (internal and external perspectives)
4. What is needed to ensure a strategy for health research is successful.

The answers from this survey will contribute to the developing health research strategy (Health360@Durham) and implementation plan.

The answers from this survey will be ANONYMISED for reporting purposes

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Thank you for completing the survey!