Our draft proposals for improving health, care and wellbeing in Pennine Lancashire  

We are proud of the health and care services we have in Pennine Lancashire.  Our doctors, nurses, and wider health and care staff provide high quality care for people who live and work here.  We are equally proud of our communities and how residents across the area come together to provide friendship, encouragement and support to each other.  

However, people in Pennine Lancashire are more likely to experience ill health compared with people living in other parts of the country. We have high levels of deprivation, poor health outcomes and greater demand for health and care services. The good news is that we can prevent many of our illnesses and, by working together, we can help improve people’s health and wellbeing, whilst continuing to provide effective and efficient health and care services.

A draft Pennine Plan has been developed and we would like your views on this.

You can read the entire draft Pennine Plan here.

We also have a summary of the Pennine Plan here.

You may be interested to read our “easy read” version here.

To view the appendices go to:

We would be delighted to receive your views about this draft plan and we welcome any comments you may have.

If you represent a community group or network we would also be delighted to come and talk to you about your plans. To arrange this please email us at and we will arrange a presentation and discussion.

Please spare some time to give us your feedback. Thank you!