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Buckinghamshire County Council has developed a Draft Freight Strategy (2018-2036). We would like to know what you think of it and invite you to complete this brief survey. 

The aim of the Strategy is for freight to move around the county as efficiently as possible, whilst minimising the impact on Buckinghamshire’s communities, businesses and environment.  

Last summer we asked local people a number of questions about freight and the information we gathered has contributed to the content of this Draft Strategy. That feedback was focused on the following three areas:

·       HGVs using appropriate routes
·       Businesses and freight operators knowing where  recommended freight routes are
·       Road safety and driver behaviour 

We have developed 14 policies which set out how we intend to manage freight and have tried to balance putting as much as we can in the Strategy, with the freedom to develop the best possible solutions for Buckinghamshire. Further information is available on our Freight Strategy webpage.

The survey should take only a couple of minutes to complete and your feedback will contribute to the final Strategy.

Many thanks.