Questions on the seminar

Thank you for attending our Don’t Lose Your Way Seminar in Birmingham on 5 October. We hope you enjoyed the day. Please use this survey to give feedback on all aspects of the day. We’ll use your feedback to help us plan future Ramblers events and also to make decisions about the next stages of Don’t Lose Your Way.

* 1. Please give your name (you can remain anonymous if your prefer)

* 2. Which area and group are you from?

* 3. Do you hold a committee position? If yes, please state:

* 4. How did you find out about the seminar?

* 5. How easy did you find it to register for the seminar?

* 6. How happy were you with the amount and type of information that you received before the seminar, such as the agenda and directions to the venue?

* 7. Did the seminar meet your expectations?

* 8. Was the purpose of the seminar made clear enough on the day?

* 9. Are you planning to report back to other members of your group/area?

* 10. Was the seminar well organised?

* 11. Were you happy with the information and advice you received from speakers?

* 12. Were you happy with the format of the day, e.g. breakout sessions, panel sessions?

* 13. Were you happy with the venue?

* 14. Were you happy with the tea, coffee and lunch?

* 15. Did the seminar answer all your questions on Don’t Lose Your Way?

* 16. Please tell us what you are going to do as a result of attending the seminar

* 17. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about how you found the day?

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