Dollar's Community Council and Development Trust have been working together to ensure the community's voice is included in the shaping of the proposed housing developments for Dollar South and Dollar East applications*.

Our joint involvement has seen us attend multiple planning liaison meetings with the Clackmannanshire Council Planning Department, submissions to the Pre-Determination hearings in Autumn 2020, participation in the Planning Committee on 1st April 2021, and various meetings with landowners.

The Planning Committee decided that the Dollar community's objections were such that further work must be done by the applicants to resolve the remaining objections. They asked that the planners, landowners, Community Council, and the Trust all meet together to resolve these matters.

The initial meeting of this group took place on 2nd June 2021. During that meeting, the planners requested a list of projects that MAY be funded by the financial contributions required of the landowners IF permission is granted. This ultimately will form a legal agreement between the Council and the landowners known as the 'Section 75 Agreement'**.

The Community Council and the Trust have compiled this list of community projects. We now require your views before providing this to the planning team.

We ask you please to pick your top 3 projects.

*Details on the planning applications can be found on Clackmannanshire Council's website, the application reference numbers are: South 18_000283_PPP and East 19_00018_PPP.

**A Section 75 Agreement, sometimes known as a planning obligation, is a contract entered into between a landowner and the local Council, as part of the planning application process. The agreement may restrict use of the land and/ or regulate activities on the land being developed, and is sometimes used to offset adverse impacts of a project.

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* 1. Please pick your top 3 projects
(options are in alphabetical order)