Introduction – some terms that we are using
You have been appointed as a ‘Relevant Person’s Representative’ (RPR) to support someone who is deprived of their liberty (DoL) under the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).  We want to understand your experience of being appointed to this role.

Throughout this questionnaire you are referred to as the RPR.  The person you represent is referred to as ‘P’. The BIA is the Best Interest Assessor that visited P to undertake the Best Interest Assessment, as part of the process to authorise their DoL.  We also refer to Independent Mental Capacity Act Advocates (IMCAs), who can be made available to support you or P. 

What are we asking you to do?
We want to know whether you have been supported to understand your essential role as RPR, and kept informed of the process required to authorise P’s DoL. 

On the next page is a list of the information you should have been given before commencing your role as RPR.  Please tick all relevant boxes to indicate which information you received about your role, who it was provided by and in what format.

Question Title

* 1. Please tell us which BIA undertook P’s best interests assessment.

About you and next steps
There is no need to write your name on this questionnaire unless you wish to.

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or have any queries about your role as RPR you can request a call back from the MCA DoLS Team by providing your contact details below (the Team will aim to call you back within 3 days of receiving this form from you):

Question Title

* 2. Contact Details